Army of Alts

Server: Proudmoore-US

Satsuri, Draenei Shaman
Primary spec: Enhancement
Fun fact: I love to solo old world content while playing as my shaman. 

Proud of my Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros :)

Lihona, Human Rogue
Primary spec: Assassination 
Fun fact: this is the first toon I made when I started playing WoW in Aug. 2008. 

Looking very...rogue.

Iseuld, Worgen Warlock
Primary spec: Affliction 
Fun fact: The mog set you see here won her 3000 gold at the WoW Factor Proudmoore Event

Iseuld in my favorite robe.

Shiloah, Night Elf Druid
Primary spec: Balance
Off spec: Resto
Fun fact: when I play as healer (which is rare) I play on Shiloah. 

This is my hippy character. 

 Vysper, Night Elf Death Knight
Primary spec: Frost PvP 
Fun fact: she is considered my "PvP toon."

Yep, my death knight is a tailor :)

 Chiiyo, Night Elf Warrior
Primary spec: Arms
Fun fact: She got her Mr. Grubbs pet while leveling in Eastern Plaguelands and hasn't put him away ever since (she is leveling in Cata now)!

I heart Mr. Grubbs!


Aisah, Blood Elf Hunter
Primary spec: Marksmanship
Fun facts: Once upon a time, myself and 4 other family/friends played together as Horde toward the end of Wrath. We did a lot together! I almost got the Red Proto Drake on Aisah. I even had the Razzashi Raptor drop for her in the old Zul'Gurub raid! Sadly, I haven't played Horde since Cata dropped.  

The only time I get to ride a sweet frostsaber mount.

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