Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guest Post at Pretty Fly Draenei

Hey, I'm still alive, and I did a guest post for Draynee from Pretty Fly for a Draenei! Come on over and say hi! Be sure to check out all of Draynee's awesome posts about transmog and, of course, draenei ;).

I promise there are more posts to come! I've been doing a lot of transmogs with my shaman and a few other alts. I'm excited to show them to you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Transmog with the August Celestials Tabard

One of the grindiest factions in Pandaria also has one of the best tabards: the August Celestials. A recent xmog I did with the tabard is one of my favorites:

For clothies, I know tabards can be hard to pair with robes,
but I found a match that looks pretty good (if I do say so myself). 
Shoulders: Lunar Mantle; Chest: Frozen Shadoweave Robe; Hands: Hands of the Light [I didn't realize until too late that these were Priest-only gloves from challenge-mode dungeons]; 

This leather set might work best with Monk/Druid classes. For Rogues, the Tier 9 (Alliance-only) and Replica Rogue Dungeon 2 set look really good with the tabard. 

This xmog set was something I was going to do if I still had an axe and a fist weapon :P. For Shamans, the Tier 7 10-man set looks really good with the tabard. 
Feet: Dark Iron Chain Boots; Axe: The Decapitator; Fist Weapon: Fist of Fate

Oh man, Plate-wearers. They have several different options! Warriors, you can try the Tier 9 (Alliance-only) set. Death Knights can match with the Tier 11 Normal or Tier 13 Normal set. And, Paladins would look good with the Tier 11 Normal set. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weapon Spotlight- Staff of Immaculate Recovery

Earlier this week we took a few family members through Black Temple for some transmog gear. The beautiful Staff of Immaculate Recovery dropped from Gurtogg Bloodboil and our lucky priest was able to snag it! I better start farming BT on my priest ;). This staff is 100 percent perfect with the Priest Tier 5 Raid Set, but I also got to thinking about other ways you could show it off...

Black, white and gold
Shoulders: Duskhallow Mantle; Chest: Runecloth Robe

White and gold
Head: Hood of the Avatar (Priest only); Shoulders: Swiftheal Mantle (Tailoring BoP); Chest: Vicious Embersilk Robe; Hands: Vicious Embersilk Gloves; Waist: Sash of Arcane Visions

I love these shoulders so much, but unfortunately they can only be used by tailors. An alternative are the Vicious Embersilk Shoulders

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Transmog with the Lorewalkers Tabard, Part 2

Aaand I'm back! I hope everyone had a great holiday. 

There are several mail and plate armor sets that would look great with the Lorewalkers Tabard. Or, you can mix and match them. For a little while I had mixed and matched pieces of armor to match the tabard (I was improvising with what I had and didn't want to search after specific pieces :P). 

After a while I polished off my transmog and ended up in a mix of the MoP Mail Agility PvP set and the Triumphant set. Both look great paired with Lorewalkers tabard. 

Contenders Dragonscale: 

Triumphant set with some extras: 

For plate, the possibilities are endless! Some sets that I thought matched great were the Conqueror's set, the Glorious set, the Immolation sets (both colors), and the Bloodfist set. There are many options. I personally love to mix and match pieces so I put together 2 sets seen below.


Shoulders: Spaulders of the Thalassian Savior; Chest, Gloves, Legs, Feet: from the Sunscale set
Waist: Glorious Belt; 2H Axe: Soul Cleaver

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Replica Shado-Pan Helm

Has anyone hit exalted with the Shado-Pan yet? My helm is off to you! That is one grind I am still working on :P. I'm excited to buy their sweet mounts...and of course buy their Replica Shado-Pan Helm! I think it's a great idea to introduce items to the game purely for transmogging. Around the Proudmoore server I've seen a couple of people who have transmogged the helms and their sets look great!

Oh how beautiful Umarae looks! 

Fellow guildie Khelly shows that the helm can make 
the MoP blacksmithing set look perfect!

Who knew a simple mail set (Chief Brigadier) would look so nice 
with the Shado-Pan helm? Thanks Nyghtstorm for showing us how :). 

Have you seen any cool sets paired with the helm? Or do you have any ideas? :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Transmog with the Lorewalkers tabard, Part 1

I chose to start with the Lorewalkers faction first since they're the easiest to get to exalted. In a few short hours you can go from neutral to exalted and get your sweet tabard! Then you're on your way to matching it with your awesome transmog ;).


Cloth wearers are very lucky as they have SO MANY robes available to transmog! My mail-wearing shaman is pretty jealous sometimes :P. I think the details of this robe and the staff fit great with the tabard

 This is a little more simple than the previous cloth set. I like how the colors are all similar: Black, red/orange, and gold/cream.
 Shoulders: Nightsky Mantle; Chest: Cindercloth Robe; Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves; Waist: Gossamer Belt; Feet: Fire Striders; Staff: Bloodfire Greatstaff.


Okay, so, I had a difficult time getting an attractive leather set together! I'm pretty picky about making items match perfectly, right down to the same shade. I eventually came up with this nice set that could work for monks and druids (sorry rogues :P). If anyone can put together another leather set just let me know :).

Next time I will show the Lorewalker tabard transmogged with mail and plate sets (I'm super excited with what I came up with :P).

Sunday, December 9, 2012

MoP, 3 months later...

I am really enjoying Pandaria so far! In fact, whenever I'd sit down to put up a post I would end up logging on WoW instead :P. A picture is said to be worth a 1000 words so I shall overload thee with screenshots of my favorite MoP moments...

...and I shall return with transmog posts this week, including different ways to mog your armor to match the Pandaria tabards!