Saturday, December 15, 2012

Replica Shado-Pan Helm

Has anyone hit exalted with the Shado-Pan yet? My helm is off to you! That is one grind I am still working on :P. I'm excited to buy their sweet mounts...and of course buy their Replica Shado-Pan Helm! I think it's a great idea to introduce items to the game purely for transmogging. Around the Proudmoore server I've seen a couple of people who have transmogged the helms and their sets look great!

Oh how beautiful Umarae looks! 

Fellow guildie Khelly shows that the helm can make 
the MoP blacksmithing set look perfect!

Who knew a simple mail set (Chief Brigadier) would look so nice 
with the Shado-Pan helm? Thanks Nyghtstorm for showing us how :). 

Have you seen any cool sets paired with the helm? Or do you have any ideas? :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Transmog with the Lorewalkers tabard, Part 1

I chose to start with the Lorewalkers faction first since they're the easiest to get to exalted. In a few short hours you can go from neutral to exalted and get your sweet tabard! Then you're on your way to matching it with your awesome transmog ;).


Cloth wearers are very lucky as they have SO MANY robes available to transmog! My mail-wearing shaman is pretty jealous sometimes :P. I think the details of this robe and the staff fit great with the tabard

 This is a little more simple than the previous cloth set. I like how the colors are all similar: Black, red/orange, and gold/cream.
 Shoulders: Nightsky Mantle; Chest: Cindercloth Robe; Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves; Waist: Gossamer Belt; Feet: Fire Striders; Staff: Bloodfire Greatstaff.


Okay, so, I had a difficult time getting an attractive leather set together! I'm pretty picky about making items match perfectly, right down to the same shade. I eventually came up with this nice set that could work for monks and druids (sorry rogues :P). If anyone can put together another leather set just let me know :).

Next time I will show the Lorewalker tabard transmogged with mail and plate sets (I'm super excited with what I came up with :P).

Sunday, December 9, 2012

MoP, 3 months later...

I am really enjoying Pandaria so far! In fact, whenever I'd sit down to put up a post I would end up logging on WoW instead :P. A picture is said to be worth a 1000 words so I shall overload thee with screenshots of my favorite MoP moments...

...and I shall return with transmog posts this week, including different ways to mog your armor to match the Pandaria tabards!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Achievement Earned: Endured the Quest "Unleash Hell"

Here are the steps to complete this achievement. 

Step 1. Purchase Mists of Pandaria. Stay up late and be very excited!
Step 2. Accept quests in Stormwind that lead you to talk to Sky ADMIRAL Rogers. Not AIRMAN Rogers. Sit around and wait for said NPC to help finish your quest. Realize you and hundreds of other people are talking to the wrong NPC. 

Step 3. Finally reach the continent Pandaria. Reach there under interesting circumstances wherein the airship is missing.... As a result you fall to your death and have to hearth to Stormwind and start over.

Step 4. Accept the quest "Unleash Hell." Wait to board gyrocopter for 30 min. 
Do you notice the 2 identical toons down below?
Yeah, that's me. Lag was pretty bad...
Step 5. Make sure you have 1.5 hours to spare to complete this quest! Your gyrocopters are also very talented and like to do air acrobatics. See below screenshot for example: 

Congratulations! You have completed the achievement! ;)

Footnote: Yes, it was pretty bad to get to the continent and complete the first several quests. But after a couple of hours I was able to progress and get some normal questing in. I am halfway through 85 as of 6am PST. Good luck to all you fellow adventurers! 

Mogolympics: Javelin, Fencing, Freestyle, Equestrian

I'm finally getting this out there, but here is the last of the entries!

Javelin, a look based around the pole-arm Ranseur of Hatred.
Look found here

One of my personal favorites was the Fencing. I plan to create a transmog look very similar for my warrior. I love how the white and gold of the weapon match up perfectly to the armor. P.S. This time around I will choose different boots to wear. Looking back, these boots do not match up as seamlessly as I'd like. :P
Fencing look book (haha)
Now on to the Freestyle! The idea behind this entry is to build your own NPC. I went with a troll voodoo priest. I've always been a big troll fan and I love their story around voodoo and such. Also, I love the fact that her dagger has a matching off-hand! It's very fitting and I was tickled pink when I found that.

Dis troll is lookin' da voodoo.

 Lastly, the Equestrian event! Wow, there were SO MANY awesome entries! When putting my entry together I chose to match up with the Human Paladin Charger. If I ever leveled up a Paladin I think I would create a transmog based around the shield and epic sword.
Paladin Equestrian 

All in all, the Transmogolympics were a success! It was so fun to participate in them and even more fun to see the results! Congrats to all the medal winners and kudos to everyone who participated  :D

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mogolympics: Hammer throw, Discus, Wrestling, Archery

Bah, how did I get behind on Mogolympics? A combination of RL work and sickness has put me under the weather for the past week. 

First up, Hammer Throw! I tend to favor clean, light armor looks if I use an in-your-face weapon. The plate set I used, Mithril Plate, is based around this awesome 2H Mace, Demise
Hammer Throw transmog set seen here
The Discus Event began week number two. This is one of my favorite sets I put together! And by reading the commentary provided by one of the judges I received a pretty good score! I think I tied for the bronze or something very close (a 5-way tie, probably). They just gave out a gold and three silvers. So far, this even is my favorite. There were a LOT of awesome transmogs that looked brilliant.

Next we have Wrestling! I didn't want to do a normal-looking WWE wrestler. That created the idea of doing a Luchidor! (Nacho Libre may or may not have influenced that thought :P). 

The most recent event was Archery! I loved looking at all the different sets! It made me want to play on my hunter and get her looking snazzy. I really liked the transmog set I came up with, even though it might be labeled as a "cookie-cutter" look. I would still use it on my hunter. 

Black dragonscale

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's here...

There is not much more to say.

P.S. Pandas are adorable ^_^

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mogolympics: Cycling Event

The first event of the Mogolympics has been posted: Cycling! Here was the criteria for this event:
"Build a biker outfit to compliment the Chopper.  It must be either Leather or Mail."

I wanted my biker outfit to be black and red to match the Horde's Chopper. I also used leather.

Overall, I was really pleased with the look. My only critique was the black: are there ANY plain-black pieces in game? To go with the boots? I wanted to use the boots badly but I had a hard time finding anything to match. There were about 50 different shades of black (hehe). I was really determined to include the boots ;)

And for those wondering what the pieces are, I have everything set up on this Transmogger link!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My story and Seeking for leather

I started playing WoW 4 years ago this month and my first toon I rolled was a human rogue. She was basically my main up until Cata launched; that's when I rerolled a shaman on Proudmoore, Satsuri. At that point I was in LOVE with the playstyle of shamans and Satsuri became my main at that point. My army of alts slowly transferred over to Proudmoore, my rogue included. I felt a little guilty with switching mains, almost as if I was betraying my faithful rogue. My rogue has tons of achievements/mounts/other accomplishments, too, which made it a little harder to switch mains. 

I'm in the middle of a D & D campain right now, playing a rogue scoundrel. Playing a rogue in D & D put the bug in my head to dust off my rogue and maybe do some achievements. And holy cow, I forgot how fun it was to be a rogue on WoW! I missed the simple playstyle, not to mention it's just cool to play a rogue sometimes! She also looks cool; of course, I have her all mogged up. :P

I decided to start working on the Loremaster and Seeker achievements. It's something I attempted on my rogue about 2 years ago before Cata came out. A combination of real life stuff (moving across state) and a fear of world pvp (haha, I hate pvp servers) soon stopped my attempts at these achievements. 

I just accomplished The Seeker achievement this evening (3000 quests)! Woot! I also finished up all the Outland quest achievements. I have to admit, account-wide achievements were a HUGE motivation to get this done! And since the quest achievements are account-wide as well I can get Loremaster done easily. Satsuri has taken care of the Loremaster of Cataclysm. My rogue is taking care of Loremaster of Outland and Northrend since she is already almost done. My warlock leveled up through questing after Cata dropped so she has several zones done for Loremaster of Kalimdor and EK. She will be finishing those up. I'm hoping Blizzard won't change this perk; it would mess up my whole plan! 0.o

Well, that ended up being a lot longer than I intended. Now, on to the mogs...

My rogue had her set of Tier 9 (she's a Wrath baby), which I love and looks very rogue-like. 

Between all the quest rewards and mob drops I put together a new set for her! I love this black and blue set. I just love everything about it. It's perfect for a rogue!
Link to Armory:

Edit: Dont' forget to check out the Mogolympics here! It started today! I'm looking forward to the coming weeks to see what everyone put together for mogs. Oh, and my flagbearer was the Consortium. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mogging faves of Proudmoore

With sooooo many players on the Proudmoore server I can easily sit back and just people watch (toon watch? eh, whatever). The mogging on this server is really great! Here are a few stellar mog outfits I've encountered. [disclaimer: the screenshots are not the best, it is hard to get a good one with a million people crowding around so I decided to go with "inspect" :P]

One of my favorite armor sets put to good use. 

I'm loving how the staff pairs nicely with the armor.

I adore this! These shoulders are on my wishlist.

I'd like to try this out on my own enhance shammy. 

This mog is totally awesome! He put it together very well.

One of the first mog outfits I encountered.
I love how the tabard is paired with the set.

Simple black cloth with a crazy awesome weapon. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The entries are in!

I did it! I completed 10 transmog sets for the Mogolympics. The deadline was July 31. I have to admit, I might have procrastinated a tiny bit (editing screens/typing out armor pieces), but I made it. I'm so excited to see how everything goes! I'm also looking forward to seeing all the other entries. It is so fun to see what other people come up with in mogging :D

"How the crap do I balance on this thing?"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing with Plate

I was looking around on MogIt (big surprise) the other day and put together some incredibly sweet sets! I was on my warrior alt at the time so she is modeling every single one of them.

These first four are the same armor set but I have a hard time choosing a final weapon. What do you think?

Gavel of Qiraji Authority



Dark Iron Sunderer

I am in LOVE with this pink-themed set! I swear, the Bloodforged set was made for these shoulders. AND, even the mace is a 100% match. It's destiny ;)

My warrior has the plans to make these Swiftsteel Shoulders. I have two sets in mind. One is a silver-gold theme and the latter is full gold armor.
Mix and match pieces with Stormrune Edge

Conqueror's set with Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword
 The guards in all the capital cities look great in their armor. Here's my (bad) attempt at a Darnassian Sentinal

This isn't a plate set, but it's a set I love very much! I put it together as part of the Mogolympics (Javelin entry) then decided to go another route at the last minute. It's the Dragonstalker recolored set with a few different pieces mixed in.
Dragonstalker with Hoperender

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Yes, you heard that right: Mogolympics!

I was visiting Amateur Azerothian and saw the special mog event he set up to coincide with the Summer 2012 Olympics in London.

Of course, as a transmog addict, how could I not join up?!

Medal even rules are as follows (taken directly from the Mogolympics web page):

  • Archery – Build an outfit around your favourite bow.
  • Cycling – Build a biker outfit to compliment the Chopper.  It must be either Leather or Mail.
  • Discus – Build an outfit around one of the shield skins seen here
  • Equestrian – Build an outfit to compliment one of the horse mounts in the game.  (Faction limitations apply, so no Orcs on a Stormwind pony)
  • Fencing – Time for some swordplay.  Build your best outfit around the 1h sword of your choice.
  • Javelin – Build an outfit around the polearm of your choice.
  • Hammer Throw – Build an outfit around your favourite two-handed hammer.
  • Wrestling – We’re going to deviate from olympic wrestling and go to the sports entertainment aspect instead.  Using one of the “championship” belts, design your own Azerothian pro wrestler.  Think of the oversized belts, such as the Firemend Cinch seen here.
  • Freestyle – Build your own NPC. Could be an innkeeper, could be the Green Orc Lantern.  Doesn’t matter.
 Rules and details are: 
  • There is NO limit on the number of participants.
  • 9 competition outfits.  At least 5 different races must be used, never repeating the same gender/race combo (if you use Blood Elf Male for Javelin, you can’t make a Blood Elf Male for Discus.  You could however make it female so long as you aren’t submitting a Blood Elf Female in any other event).  Your flagbearer combo may be used in a competition event.
  • Your event entry must be able to use the outfit as a proper end-game transmog (so no Gnomes in Shaman gear or Goblin Rogues entering the discus)
  • Include the gear you used for each outfit please (the judges can peg many articles from in-game, but can’t always tell what everything is).
  • All entries are to be submitted at once.  Send the screenshots to
  • As per Mog Madness, MogIt and ModelViewer entries are welcome.
  • We’ll reveal three events a week for three weeks, beginning August 12th.  Medals will be handed out accordingly.
  • I have set no criteria for fellow judges (still confirming who the official judges will be).  They will simply give their rankings based on their own thoughts.  However, they’ll not know who they’re voting on (it will be labelled as Outfit D, rather than “Tome,” for example).
  • The winner will have received the most medals in the nine events.
After throwing my name in, my flagbearer will be representing...........

The Consortium!

Pic from Wowpedia
I am very excited to represent the smugglin' ethereal's faction!

My hubby, who also plays WoW, wanted in on the action so he's signed up, too. His faction is the Wildhammer Clan (an awesome faction to mog IMO).

Flagbearer and medal outfits to come!