Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Transmog with the August Celestials Tabard

One of the grindiest factions in Pandaria also has one of the best tabards: the August Celestials. A recent xmog I did with the tabard is one of my favorites:

For clothies, I know tabards can be hard to pair with robes,
but I found a match that looks pretty good (if I do say so myself). 
Shoulders: Lunar Mantle; Chest: Frozen Shadoweave Robe; Hands: Hands of the Light [I didn't realize until too late that these were Priest-only gloves from challenge-mode dungeons]; 

This leather set might work best with Monk/Druid classes. For Rogues, the Tier 9 (Alliance-only) and Replica Rogue Dungeon 2 set look really good with the tabard. 

This xmog set was something I was going to do if I still had an axe and a fist weapon :P. For Shamans, the Tier 7 10-man set looks really good with the tabard. 
Feet: Dark Iron Chain Boots; Axe: The Decapitator; Fist Weapon: Fist of Fate

Oh man, Plate-wearers. They have several different options! Warriors, you can try the Tier 9 (Alliance-only) set. Death Knights can match with the Tier 11 Normal or Tier 13 Normal set. And, Paladins would look good with the Tier 11 Normal set. 

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  1. Beautiful mogs! One of these days I'll hit exalted with these folks ;)