Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mogging faves of Proudmoore

With sooooo many players on the Proudmoore server I can easily sit back and just people watch (toon watch? eh, whatever). The mogging on this server is really great! Here are a few stellar mog outfits I've encountered. [disclaimer: the screenshots are not the best, it is hard to get a good one with a million people crowding around so I decided to go with "inspect" :P]

One of my favorite armor sets put to good use. 

I'm loving how the staff pairs nicely with the armor.

I adore this! These shoulders are on my wishlist.

I'd like to try this out on my own enhance shammy. 

This mog is totally awesome! He put it together very well.

One of the first mog outfits I encountered.
I love how the tabard is paired with the set.

Simple black cloth with a crazy awesome weapon. 

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