Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mogolympics: Hammer throw, Discus, Wrestling, Archery

Bah, how did I get behind on Mogolympics? A combination of RL work and sickness has put me under the weather for the past week. 

First up, Hammer Throw! I tend to favor clean, light armor looks if I use an in-your-face weapon. The plate set I used, Mithril Plate, is based around this awesome 2H Mace, Demise
Hammer Throw transmog set seen here
The Discus Event began week number two. This is one of my favorite sets I put together! And by reading the commentary provided by one of the judges I received a pretty good score! I think I tied for the bronze or something very close (a 5-way tie, probably). They just gave out a gold and three silvers. So far, this even is my favorite. There were a LOT of awesome transmogs that looked brilliant.

Next we have Wrestling! I didn't want to do a normal-looking WWE wrestler. That created the idea of doing a Luchidor! (Nacho Libre may or may not have influenced that thought :P). 

The most recent event was Archery! I loved looking at all the different sets! It made me want to play on my hunter and get her looking snazzy. I really liked the transmog set I came up with, even though it might be labeled as a "cookie-cutter" look. I would still use it on my hunter. 

Black dragonscale

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  1. Those were/are amazing and stood out for me big time - just gorgeous!