Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Achievement Earned: Endured the Quest "Unleash Hell"

Here are the steps to complete this achievement. 

Step 1. Purchase Mists of Pandaria. Stay up late and be very excited!
Step 2. Accept quests in Stormwind that lead you to talk to Sky ADMIRAL Rogers. Not AIRMAN Rogers. Sit around and wait for said NPC to help finish your quest. Realize you and hundreds of other people are talking to the wrong NPC. 

Step 3. Finally reach the continent Pandaria. Reach there under interesting circumstances wherein the airship is missing.... As a result you fall to your death and have to hearth to Stormwind and start over.

Step 4. Accept the quest "Unleash Hell." Wait to board gyrocopter for 30 min. 
Do you notice the 2 identical toons down below?
Yeah, that's me. Lag was pretty bad...
Step 5. Make sure you have 1.5 hours to spare to complete this quest! Your gyrocopters are also very talented and like to do air acrobatics. See below screenshot for example: 

Congratulations! You have completed the achievement! ;)

Footnote: Yes, it was pretty bad to get to the continent and complete the first several quests. But after a couple of hours I was able to progress and get some normal questing in. I am halfway through 85 as of 6am PST. Good luck to all you fellow adventurers! 

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