Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mogolympics: Javelin, Fencing, Freestyle, Equestrian

I'm finally getting this out there, but here is the last of the entries!

Javelin, a look based around the pole-arm Ranseur of Hatred.
Look found here

One of my personal favorites was the Fencing. I plan to create a transmog look very similar for my warrior. I love how the white and gold of the weapon match up perfectly to the armor. P.S. This time around I will choose different boots to wear. Looking back, these boots do not match up as seamlessly as I'd like. :P
Fencing look book (haha)
Now on to the Freestyle! The idea behind this entry is to build your own NPC. I went with a troll voodoo priest. I've always been a big troll fan and I love their story around voodoo and such. Also, I love the fact that her dagger has a matching off-hand! It's very fitting and I was tickled pink when I found that.

Dis troll is lookin' da voodoo.

 Lastly, the Equestrian event! Wow, there were SO MANY awesome entries! When putting my entry together I chose to match up with the Human Paladin Charger. If I ever leveled up a Paladin I think I would create a transmog based around the shield and epic sword.
Paladin Equestrian 

All in all, the Transmogolympics were a success! It was so fun to participate in them and even more fun to see the results! Congrats to all the medal winners and kudos to everyone who participated  :D

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