Saturday, December 15, 2012

Replica Shado-Pan Helm

Has anyone hit exalted with the Shado-Pan yet? My helm is off to you! That is one grind I am still working on :P. I'm excited to buy their sweet mounts...and of course buy their Replica Shado-Pan Helm! I think it's a great idea to introduce items to the game purely for transmogging. Around the Proudmoore server I've seen a couple of people who have transmogged the helms and their sets look great!

Oh how beautiful Umarae looks! 

Fellow guildie Khelly shows that the helm can make 
the MoP blacksmithing set look perfect!

Who knew a simple mail set (Chief Brigadier) would look so nice 
with the Shado-Pan helm? Thanks Nyghtstorm for showing us how :). 

Have you seen any cool sets paired with the helm? Or do you have any ideas? :)


  1. what is the transmof set umare is useing i cant find it anywhere

    1. It looks like the shoulders are from the Amani set seen here:

      the chest, gloves, and pants are part of the hunter T6 set:

      the belt is a PvP vendor item from Burning Crusade.