Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Playing with Plate

I was looking around on MogIt (big surprise) the other day and put together some incredibly sweet sets! I was on my warrior alt at the time so she is modeling every single one of them.

These first four are the same armor set but I have a hard time choosing a final weapon. What do you think?

Gavel of Qiraji Authority



Dark Iron Sunderer

I am in LOVE with this pink-themed set! I swear, the Bloodforged set was made for these shoulders. AND, even the mace is a 100% match. It's destiny ;)

My warrior has the plans to make these Swiftsteel Shoulders. I have two sets in mind. One is a silver-gold theme and the latter is full gold armor.
Mix and match pieces with Stormrune Edge

Conqueror's set with Cataclysmic Gladiator's Greatsword
 The guards in all the capital cities look great in their armor. Here's my (bad) attempt at a Darnassian Sentinal

This isn't a plate set, but it's a set I love very much! I put it together as part of the Mogolympics (Javelin entry) then decided to go another route at the last minute. It's the Dragonstalker recolored set with a few different pieces mixed in.
Dragonstalker with Hoperender

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